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Tony Harmsworth began writing science fiction after a long and successful career in tourism. He co-founded the Loch Ness Centre and guided many VIPs in the Highlands including the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and his wife; the current emperor of Japan; and many universities and colleges.

He had long had ideas for novels but had previously not had the time to put them down on paper.

Today he has eight hard science fiction novels and two works of non-fiction.

5 stars Mourn Iain M Banks no more. He will always be missed, but we have a new star.

I have finally found modern excellent and what is more British science fiction. Finally we have a worthy successor to the much missed Iain M Banks.

The story romps along with a cast of interesting, and sometimes extraordinary characters. 

This book is forming a new and, for me, an eagerly awaited new science fiction arc.

It is rare that I sit and read a book in one sitting, this one I did. Fabulous stuff I can't praise it enough.

Martin Hall
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